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The moment has come! We launched a Kickstarter campaign for the sake of retro gaming! So "What is this?" you may be asking yourself... Here's a snappy answer! Epic 90’s Journey is a game inspired by the 16-bit gaming era, nested in a fantasy twist version of the 90’s reality. Discover an epic adventure telling a story of a boy who lost his memories. While making friends with a variety of subcultures you will be able to fight adversities and regain the memory of your mission. If that sounds like something you'd love to see here are some ways you can helps us bring you the ultimate 90's experience.

1. Check out our Kickstarter campaign, let us know what you think! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fanotherpg/epic-90s-journey-the-legend-of-elesha

2. Tell your retro-loving friends and family about our Kickstarter and this event! Let's spread the love! See you in the 90's!


Mar 13, 2018

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